I Made a Thing!

September 23, 2017

One of my favorite sessions at TMC17 was the CO+DE=MATH session by Tamar McPherson (@teachme124) and Stephanie Reilly (@reilly1041). They introduced me to trinket.io, which I really like because you can write code on the left side of the screen and run it on the right side of the screen. I am going to be attempting to do a couple of classes with my Pre-AP Geometry classes this week on coding. We’re going to do some of the Hour of Code problems on code.org on the first day, and then I’m going to attempt to introduce them to Python using trinket on the second day. In the process, I decided I’d have some fun and try to write a program to simplify radicals. I wish I could embed it, but WordPress won’t do frames.

Enter a square root you want to simplify (ex. \sqrt{75}), and it will give you the simplified radical (ex. 5\sqrt{3}). Here it is: Simplifying Radicals

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