Goals (#MTBoS) (#SundayFunday)

August 12, 2017

What do I want to accomplish this school year? As I started thinking about this, I decided to break it down into school and home:


  • Pre-AP Geometry
    • Push them harder! Too often, I find myself watering down the lessons I am teaching or providing too much scaffolding. If I want them to be prepared for Pre-AP and AP level work, I need to stop babying them. This change will mainly affect my lesson delivery and practice. I am still committed to flexible deadlines, quiz retakes, and everything else that tells a student, “I don’t care WHEN you learn something as long as you learn it!”
    • Incorporate more quadratics into the problems (see previous point).
    • Incorporate more Geogebra
    • Create a running thread of connecting the logic of programming with the logic of Geometry by teaching them the basics of coding (see CO + DE = MATH).
    • Change the seating each week based on which students are on pace and which are behind. Place the students who are behind closer to my desk.
  • Astronomy
    • I kept the class at too slow a pace last year. There’s definitely a balance between giving students enough time in class to complete their projects and their having so much time that they can just goof off half the time.
    • Part of the reason for the slower pace was that I realized part-way through that I didn’t have enough material to fill out the rest of the year. That’s not a problem I’ve ever had before, and it kind of caught me flat-footed. I will definitely address that this year by bringing in more lessons that I had skipped over in previous years.
    • I’d really like to find some sort of way to have the students perform some sort of observations. I’m also toying around with having some sort of star party attendance requirement. I’m really nervous about trying to have any kind of official class activity at night, especially off school grounds, but I don’t know what to do.
    • One of the pieces I appreciated about the rubric that Matt Baker and Kat Glass shared about their student presentations was that they also graded them on how they spent their time doing prep work. I think if my students knew they were going to receive a grade on how they used their class time, they might take it a little more seriously.
  • UIL (I’m UIL Coordinator for our school)
    • I wasn’t crazy about it at the time, but after the fact I liked the table I set up during our “VikingFest”, a kind of school fair that is held the first Wednesday of the school year. It let students know what UIL was and all of the different events that were offered. This year, I want to have some flyers printed that list the events, the coaches, and the rooms where they practice.
    • I made a whole presentation to a local Rotary Club about how I want to expand student participation, so now it’s time to put those ideas into action. I need to get with the other coaches and set up a rotation of people to speak to the AVID classes to let them know about UIL. I also want to try to talk to some of the upper-level math classes about Calculator, since that’s my baby.
  • Advisory
    • We’ve had these types of periods before, and they have usually not worked out well, but I’m hopeful that the changes we have made will give this a better shot at working.
    • We want students to spend the entire time productively, which means that I need to come up with some “evergreen” activities for students to do if they say they don’t have anything.
      • Geometry: Factoring quadratics (X-Puzzles), lightning math, WODB, Estimation180, PSAT practice, coding (trinket.io), student-created videos for lessons
      • Astronomy: SAT/ACT practice, ???


  • Plan and prep meals on Saturday. (Sunday never seems to work out.)
  • Plan to leave school by 3:30 except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • Make time to practice my flute and play with Flutissimo.
  • Go to the gym at least three times each week, but ideally Monday-Friday.
  • Get back to study of Romans
  • I worked all summer finally getting my house clean and tidy, so let’s keep it that way!
  • Continue learning Python
  • Get back into cross-stitching or quilting.


  1. This is a great post, thanks for sharing.
    Good luck with all of those goals!!
    Keep in touch as you concorproate the Coding into geometry, can’t wait to hear how it goes.

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