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Draft Grading Breakdown

July 21, 2010

For my three classes:

Algebra 3

Type Percentage
Class Participation 10%
Quizzes and Presentation Problems 50%
Problem Sets 15%
6 Weeks Test 25%

Homework: Not graded, except for “Presentation Problems” which random students are responsible for presenting to the class.

Geometry and Algebra I

Type Percentage
Quizzes 60%
Tests 30%
Notebook/Spiral 10%

Homework: Not graded, however, students who do their homework on time earn points that will be added to their six-weeks average.

After talking with S, I’m pretty well settled on my homework scheme (and, if nothing else, reconciles me to making 10% of their grade be their spiral organization).

The Algebra I percentages may change after I talk with S, since this is really more her class than mine.