#mtbosChallenge – Sunday Summary

August 17, 2014


Okey-dokey, I’ll give this one a shot too.

3 Things That Happened This Week

  • I helped my friend S move into her new classroom and new school (sniff!). It was a long, exhausting day, but I was glad we got to spend some time together before school starts. She used to be my co-teacher, and we would joke that we spent more hours together than she spent with her husband. I was very proud of her for getting her math certification, but I’m really sorry that she decided to change schools.
  • I found a new song that has been haunting me all week: The Long Grass by Remodeled Music.
  • Since I needed to go up to school for a few hours, I decided to combine several things at once: I needed to fog my house, which means my cat has to go somewhere for two hours, so he came up to school with me (he mainly hid behind my shelves). Since I had to use my car to transport my cat, I loaded up everything that was going back to school except for the astronomy stuff. This means that next week, I can ride my scooter every day. Bringing things back up made me really glad that, for the first year, I didn’t cart a bunch of stuff home. At school, I was able to get the top of my desk cleared off and cleaned; I also got some other things put back in place before I had to leave.

2 Things I’m Nervous About

  • My Astronomy classes. While I am excited about teaching them, I fully realize that most of the students are taking it because it sounds like an easier class than any of the other science options for seniors. This situation means that if I can’t engage them, I’m likely to have some behavior problems because these classes are both pretty big, 31 and 34, respectively. I’m also nervous because this is my first time teaching a science class, and I don’t have that same depth of knowledge that I have in my math classes. It also feels weird to be planning a class where I can’t just make up a bunch of new problems around a given topic the way I can with, say, the Pythagorean Theorem.
  • I started off last year really wanting to focus on learning through problem-solving. I met with a lot of pushback from my students, and, more importantly, they didn’t seem to be learning the math. This year, I really want to do a hybrid approach: spend time doing skill practice, but then spend time solving related problems. The issue is that it’s going to take more time, and since I have no spare time in my schedule, something’s got to give. So I’m nervous about a) what to cut out and b) remaining firm in the face of the pushback from students who aren’t used to being challenged.

1 Thing I’m Looking Forward To This Week

  • I get to see people I haven’t seen since June, and I get to meet our new math teachers.

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