Made4Math: Back-to-School

August 18, 2013

Room Stuff:

Graphing Whiteboard: I have been obsessed with this idea all summer. My new room only has 20′ of board space, and I get tired of having to draw axes by hand. This board is the leftover piece from the two tileboards that I had cut down into 10 32″x24″ group whiteboards. I then used spray adhesive to glue down chart paper, and then came the tricky part: to finish it off, I adhered clear plastic vinyl and smoothed out most of the air bubbles and stretches.


Sierpinski Triangles: Every year I have my students make Sierpinski triangles as a project. I usually keep the nicest ones of these, but I never really had a great place or idea to display them. Then I had a brainstorm: a Sierpinski triangle of Sierpinski triangles! This is on my window wall. As I get more triangles, I can add to it.


Penny Floor Tile: I want to have students doing math on their first day of class, and I thought it would be cool to show them this:

Penny Floor

I will ask the “What do you notice? What do you wonder?” questions, and hopefully someone will wonder either how many pennies it takes or how much it costs. I will then pass out pennies and rulers to each group and give each group a room to tile. Their job is to figure out how many pennies it will take. I plan to let them struggle with this for a bit. For the solution, I made a 12″x12″ tile of pennies:

20130818_212128(There are 288 pennies on the tile, BTW.)

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