Made4Math Monday: Posters!

August 11, 2013


I have put together a group of posters to get printed, so I thought I’d share the ones I have made. Most of these PDFs are set to print out 11×17.

I actually found this quote on schoolfailblog.org, but I wanted it formatted landscape instead of portrait:

Understand the Universe (thumbnail)

In honor of Max’s great presentation at TMC13 (and @druinok’s favorite font), I made:

Notice and Wonder (thumbnail)

If you want to get lost in great mathematically-related quotes, check out Furman University Mathematical Quotations Server. Some of the good ones I’ve found:

Simpler (thumbnail)


Furthest Bounds of Space (thumbnail)

I get very tired of students who want to exert the least amount of effort possible. It occurred to me that just about any time a student asked me “Can I just …”, the student wanted to take an easy way out. Thus:

Can I Just (thumbnail)



  1. How did you make these and how are you printing them? I want to do some, especially the what do you notice one. I emailed them to see if they had one but I really like yours.

    • What worked best for me was to use PowerPoint and change the page setup to 17×11. I then printed the slide using a PDF printer (PDF995). I will be taking them to a local university (where I am a lecturer) that has a print shop.

  2. These are really cool looking! Hopefully I will be in one classroom one day and get to decorate with stuff like this. They look so professional! Awesome job.

    • Thanks! I spent way too long at hubblesite.org trying to find just the right space image for backgrounds.

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