Never Work Harder Than Your Students Notes

July 18, 2013

I’ve read Robyn Jackson’s Never Work Harder Than Your Students before, and I’ve found it very valuable. I found it under a pile of books the other day and decided to reread it again. I thought of a couple of things after reading it that I wanted to jot down before I forgot.

  • I’ve thought about this before, but I really want to give them the test review when we begin the unit. This time, in order to give them incentive to work with it and hang on to it, I think I’ll give them extra credit on the test for turning in a completed one (which is what M was doing), and I also think I’ll make it a point to spend some class time going over problems on the review that relate to that day’s topic. Because I am still dealing with 9th graders, I will plan to give them replacements if they lose their copies, but these will be marked as “Replacement” so that they won’t receive the credit on the test.
  • On the idea of not doing the work for the kids, I think I will start out the year doing all the notes for them to copy, but gradually pare it down so that they are reading the book section and making the appropriate notes.
  • I really like the idea (as I did the first time I read it) of having “red flag interventions”. I also liked that she suggested having red flags for students for remediation and for enrichment. It’s also important that I apply these flags consistently. I’m thinking a remediation flag would be below 75% and an enrichment flag would be above 95%.
    • I think for the remediation that I want to use the “wall o’ reassessment remediation” that I saw someone use (and that I have bookmarked and cannot currently find) here–for each unit, have a bunch of problems in pockets that students can go to pick from to work on until they are ready to reassess.

If I want to put these ideas into practice, that means that I quickly need to

  • Make the Unit 1 Test and Test Review
    • I think the initial review will be on colored paper and thus the replacement copies (with “REPLACEMENT” in the header) will be made on white paper)
  • Make the Unit 1 Notes (and maybe come up with some way to show how the notes relate back to the book section?)
  • Define my criteria for remediation/enrichment and make a poster
  • Reorganize my existing quiz retake cards and make some sort of card holder
  • Come up with some sort of enrichment activities/exercises


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