Made4Math Teacher Ruler Caddy

July 15, 2013


It’s almost Tuesday, but I made it!

Since I teach Geometry, I often need my big compass and ruler up at the board with me. The most inconvenient thing about this is finding somewhere to put the ruler while I use the compass and vice versa. My old room had a counter near the board that I usually used. My new room, however, has nothing nearby. I happened to remember the M4M post about making ruler caddies out of Pringles cans, and I remembered that I had a spare 2′ length of PVC pipe that I had planned to use to make an arrow caddy — thus was born the board ruler and compass caddy.

I picked up some hardware and spray paint:

I actually drew the perpendicular bisector of a chord on the circle to find a diameter and then marked the center of the base:

Next, I used L-brackets to attach the PVC coupler to the base:

I attached the pipe to the coupler:

I spray-painted the coupler and the base a gloss black. I had planned to use some black wrapping paper on the pipe, but it was too flimsy to stand up to the adhesive and clear finish. Instead, I used some cool-looking fabric from my stash, which I attached with spray adhesive. Once everything dries, I’ll finish off the top with some black duct tape, but here’s the mostly-finished product:

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