Plans for Geometry 2013-2014

July 10, 2013

You win some, you lose some.

As I said in an earlier post, my principal has said that I could use Exeter’s Math 2 curriculum for my Pre-AP Geometry classes. Since that time, the situation has slightly morphed. He told M, the other PAP Geometry teacher, that he wanted us to stay in synch, but that since I would be the only 9th grade Geometry teacher that those would be the experimental classes. I’m not sure whether she misheard him, he forgot what he had told me, or he changed his mind. I didn’t really want to bug him with all of the craziness of the end-of-school stuff (especially since 90% of the school was changing rooms because of the new 9th grade center), so M and I sat down and worked out a curriculum sequence that we really liked, which I will also use for the regular classes.

Since that time, M has left (I knew she might be leaving, but I had hoped that the job she wanted wouldn’t open up), but I don’t know who the new PAP teacher will be. As far as I know, I will still be doing PAP and regular. I’m assuming that my principal will make his decision on the new PAP teacher based on the kind of teacher he hires to replace M.

I’ve also since decided that the way I want to stay in synch but still utilize the Exeter and Park School materials is that homework will be the notes for the topic and some Khan Academy practice problems. The next class day will start out with a quiz over the practice problems, and then I will use the Exeter/Park School problems to take a deeper look at the topic. I like this idea so much, that I think I’m going to do this for both the PAP and regular classes–the differences will be the way the grades are weighted, the increased opportunities for retakes for the regulars, and some of the problems I select. I think this will let me do the fun stuff I want, but still let me collaborate with my fellow teachers (both regular and PAP). I also hope it will not get me lynched by parents.

In both cases, I’m going back to taking a grade for homework, but it’s going to be fairly binary: did they do the homework (100) or not (0). I will accept late homework up to one class day late for a 70.


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