Cool Midpoint and Distance Idea

September 14, 2012

via Lisa:

The Radical Rational had an idea to put a grid on top of a map of her school. The questions she proposed asking her students:

•Calculate the distance between Room 137 & Room 114.
•Find the coordinates between Room 137 & Room 114. What room are you closet to at this point?
•Connect Ag, Kitchen, Cafeteria & Workshop. What type of quadrilateral have your formed? How do you know? Prove it. We have not covered types quads – but they can use their BYOD to find this information if needed, right?
•Connect Library, Room 128, Room 116 and Room 114. Is it a rectangle? Or a square? (LOL) How do you know. This always comes up in discussion – I must say I love the “disagreements”.
•Connect Room 145, Room 142 and Band. What type of Triangle have you created? How do you know? Prove it.
•Connect the Gym, Library and Tan Hall – Find the perimeter & area of this triangle.
•What about having them “map” out their schedule and calculate “as the crow flies” distances between their destinations.

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