Made4Math #10

September 3, 2012

Sometimes it’s nice when necessity kicks us in the rear and makes us come up with different ways to do things.

I have always dreaded the “Points, Lines, and Planes” section of Geometry because it’s so text- and definition-heavy. (Reference this post for my original format.) Because the district has switched things up on us, PL&P is not the first section, and I need to teach it on the same day as their first quiz. I quickly decided to make this into a holey-notes foldable, but what format to use? It’s too much text for a 2-page booklet and not really enough text for a 4-page booklet. That size usually lends itself to a tabbed booklet, but how to arrange it?

My good scanner is up at school, but here is the result:

In all three classes, we got almost all the way through, and it was a lot less mind-numbing than it has been in years past.


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  1. II am really enjoying foldables this year. Thank you for sharing!

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