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Conjunctive SBG

August 16, 2012

(Or SBG: The Next Generation)

Interesting grading scheme that Dan has described:

I have inserted a table below on where I currently am with configuring overall grades. Students will be assessed on about 8 standards per quarter. After making the table, does it seem hard to follow, or simply in need of a complete makeover? The ‘Lowest Standard Score’ means that for an overall grade of ‘A’, they need to score 3 or higher on all assessments. Re-takes are possible to override a low score.

Grade Lowest Standard Score At Least…
A 3.0 two standard scores of 4.0
B 2.0 five standard scores of 3.0
C 2.0 two standard scores of 3.0
D 1.0 two standard scores of 2.0
F less than 1.0

I really like the idea of making student grades reflect all of the objectives, and that it doesn’t leave as much wiggle room to ignore a failed objective. Definitely have to think about that this weekend.