Nuggets From GT Training **Updated**

August 9, 2012

Last week I attended 30 hours of state-mandated GT training. Woo. Fortunately, the presenter was good, and she made it not too unbearable. One thing she did that I appreciated is that she took the first 15 minutes of each day’s session (when people are still trickling in) and shared different web sites that she had found useful.

Content/Lesson Plans

www.thinkfinity.org Thinkfinity Lesson plans
www.curriki.org Curriki Curriculum wiki
mathmistakes.org Math Mistakes Wiki
ideastoinspire.co.uk Ideas to Inspire Lesson plans, tips
www.teachersdomain.org Teachers’ Domain PBS Resources


www.loc.gov Library of Congress (’nuff said)
www.sxc.hu Stock.XCHNG (stock photo exchange)
www.photofunia.com PhotoFunia (photo editor) (also includes Keep Calm poster maker and Hogwarts Letter)
labs.tineye.com/multicolr TinEye Labs Multicolor Image Search (search for CC images based on color)
www.baudville.com Baudv!lle (ecards and calendars)
www.findsounds.com FindSounds (Audio sample search engine)
www.esc13.net/pdas ESC Region XIII’s PDAS page (Good for forms)
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