Made 4 Math Monday #6

August 6, 2012

I have a post, and it’s still Monday!!

One of my major summer projects is to transfer all of my scribbled re-take questions to computer.



All nicely filed away:

I really need to work on Geometry next (that stack is almost as big), but I’m not looking forward to drawing all of the diagrams in Word. I also can’t print them out until I know from my department what the calendar is supposed to look like for this year.



  1. That box is too cute! Is it one of the photo type boxes? I need to work on my reassessments too… among many other things 🙂

    • It’s a file box I picked up from OfficeMax that actually folds flat (it uses snaps to hold everything together).

  2. I have to do something like this. Maybe as the year goes by, I can create them. I just learned how to print on index cards, so this makes me so happy! Thanks for sharing!!

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