Ideas and Changes

June 29, 2011

Since I can’t get to sleep …


  • Move the “AGENDA” over to the small blackboard and split it so that I can put both Geometry and Algebra 3 agendas up.
  • Use the punch out letters for the date.
  • Put a sign by the calculators: “If your assigned calculator is missing, please inform Ms. Miller immediately.”
  • Buy some corks for the compasses.
  • Put an objective list on the back of the calendars.
  • Make “New Student” packets for each class.
  • DOMAIN/RANGE poster!


  • Change warm-ups to be part of their classwork grade — 10 = 100%
  • In order to let them use their notebooks during the quizzes and still do notebook checks, go around during the quiz and check them while they are working.
    • Have them tape the checklist to the inside front cover of their spirals.
    • Use the checklist to figure their grade and then list the grade on the roll sheet.

Algebra 3

  • Have them read the section before the lecture.
  • Number by objective with the book section in parentheses.
  • Use a timer for the quiz.
  • After the B-day quiz, upload solutions for the homework.
  • Assign calculators.
  • I want problem sets to always be on Friday. This means that A and B classes may be on slightly different schedules.
    • On A-weeks, the A-day schedule would be lecture-quiz-problem set, while B-day would be lecture-quiz. The following week would then flip the schedule so that B-day would be lecture-quiz-problem set (ahead of A-day). Is this workable?
  • Look at shifting the topic list around to follow the same sequence as the textbook.
  • Definitely spend more time reviewing/practicing solving quadratics!
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