Ideas for Next Year

June 8, 2011
  • Make two supply buckets
    • Algebra 3: straight edges, compasses, pencil sharpeners, colored pencils
    • Geometry: straight edges, pencil sharpeners, markers (in plastic case), vocabulary squares, scissors, glue
  • On A3, check homework at the beginning of class, thengo over it. Make the “Turn in” problems the official homework problems and the other problems “Additional Practice”
    • This should allow more time to do stuff after the quiz.
    • Post solutions to the homework problems after the quiz on B day.
  • More classwork!
  • More games in Geometry
  • Play card games in A3.


  1. I see you mentioned “B day”. Are you guys on a block schedule? I’m moving to a new school and it’ll be my first time teaching on a block schedule. I’ve heard about people really struggling to balance between not enough and too much material for each period. Any tips???

  2. In our school, students have 8 classes–4 on A days and 4 on B days. The days alternate (so some weeks are ABABA and some are BABAB). Therefore, I see my students every other day for 85 minutes. I’ll admit my first year was a considerable adjustment — that 85 minutes can seem like an eternity. For me, it works out that I can generally do a section of material per class day.

    This year, we decided to put the quizzes at the beginning of class and gave them about 20 minutes. That usually meant we went right up to the bell with notes. On non-quiz days, there was usually enough time at the end for classwork (or practice or starting on their homework).

    My biggest complaint about block scheduling is that it’s really hard to keep continuity going, especially over the weekend (from Thursday to Monday or Friday to Tuesday). Plan to spend more time than you think you should have to reviewing the previous lesson.

    Hope this helps!

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