Thinking a Thought

September 6, 2010

After reading Surani’s review of her first year trying SBG, I had a thought. I agree with her (and S and I had discussed it) that quizzes should be returned as quickly as possible. I felt pretty good that I returned the Algebra 3 quizzes the next class period and fairly guilty that I didn’t return Geometry’s. I’m wondering, though, if it might be possible to return them even quicker. Since there are no names on the quizzes, I actually wouldn’t mind having students mark them; then, while they are doing something else, I could quickly look through and assign grades and enter them.

I think it could work in Algebra 3, because I usually have them working on a group assignment after the quiz. In Geometry and Algebra I, I’m wondering if S and I switched places for that lesson, if that would work (I would grade while she did the Geometry lesson, and she would grade while I did the Algebra I).

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