Week 2, Me 1

September 4, 2010

My original plan had been to write a reflection after each day. Ah, well.

Algebra 3
More students had printed off the notes for the Functions and Linear Equations presentation. On the one hand, I really want the students to be able to focus on what I am saying as opposed to trying to write everything down; on the other hand, some students seem to be using that as an excuse not to pay attention during class. This lesson should have been all review except for the introduction of 1-1 and onto, but they don’t seem to remember too much.

We reviewed how to convert between fractions, decimals, and percents. For practice, I split them into pairs and had them work on problems together. That worked pretty well.

Algebra I
S had a good idea of having they play Trashketball to practice converting fractions to decimals and percents. The class took some notes (we had two half-page foldables), and then she had them select a person from each table. I suggested she use one of our decks of cards (I removed the face cards and the aces), and each player drew a card for their denominator. They then tossed that number of paper wads into the trash can, with the number of baskets becoming the numerator. We then required everyone to write the fraction as a decimal and a percent. Fortunately, everyone made at least one basket.

Algebra 3
While I didn’t like 1st period’s attitude (they were very whiny), I realized that if they really couldn’t do the homework, it made no sense to have them do presentations. Instead, I went through the homework and went over the problems (I also did the same for 2nd period). Judging from their performances on the quiz, it didn’t stick.

After the quiz, we started reviewing one-, two-, and multi-step equations. The notes went so quickly, that I ended up with time to also review multiplying binomials.

Algebra I
After the quiz, we reviewed rounding and estimating. We revised the very-cool-but-way-too-time-intensive foldable we did last year so that it was a four-tab foldable. Much better. After that, we split them into teams and had them play tic-tac-toe, which went really well once they figured out what to do–it took them a while to figure out that the team whose turn it wasn’t could steal the square. Next time we play, I think it will run even smoother.

Algebra 3
I issued books and handed back quizzes today. I also explained that they could retake objectives 1 and 2 if they wanted to improve their grades. We then spent the rest of class working on their first problem set. I let 2nd period work with whomever they wanted (so of course, all my football players “huddled” together :-)). I was a little disappointed in 1st period–while some of the students took advantage of the time I gave them, a lot of the students spent the period goofing off. 2nd period did a much better job of working. It was nice to walk around the room and hear things like, “Well, think about what slope means in real life.” During lunch, I had my first quiz retake. His grade went from a 2 to a 3.5!

Because we had already reviewed multiplying binomials in the notes on Wednesday, we were able to start off talking about quadratic equations and the quadratic formula. Unfortunately, this was a dead class–and I think it’s mostly my fault. Blech! I have got to come up with something to give them some practice for 5th period on Tuesday!

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