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Day 2, Scene 4

August 25, 2010

In some ways, “B” days are easier days, since S and I work together for all three classes (and she takes the lead on the two Algebra I classes), but since it involves freshmen, it can still be a long day.

5th Period – Geometry

  • I had forgotten until just now, but 5th period is 5 minutes longer than 4th, and just like last year, those additional 5 minutes can really make a difference on my getting through the whole lesson. We got all the way through the PEMDAS examples, so we can start on fractions on Friday.
  • Actually, it’s a good thing 5th is ahead of 4th, because Friday’s pep rally is in the morning, and we’re going to lose probably 30 minutes of class time.

6th Period – floater

  • Unlike last year, we have to share our room with a floater during one of our conference periods. Fortunately, SS said she doesn’t mind if we stay in the room during her class, so we can still work on stuff. We’ll have to see how things work out.

7th Period – Algebra I

  • The freshmen were (true-to-form) not completely successful in bringing spirals to class with them today (I think we had near 100% compliance in Geometry). We ended up giving out around 10 spirals during 7th and 7 during 8th. On the other hand, they were fairly diligent about returning their parental signature forms, and one freshman even brought us some batteries!
  • Since S was having them do two foldables, she told them to fill in the multiplication table as homework. A few of the kids were somewhat indignant that we were having them complete a multiplication table, but we pointed out that should make it a pretty easy homework then.
  • I was really trying to be more involved than I was last year–I kept moving around the room almost the whole time. I have to say, though, I am not good at that sort of thing–I can’t seem to stay focused on looking at how they are working. **sigh**
  • We got through all the notes, but we didn’t have enough time to play the bingo game that S spent so much time putting together. 😦

8th Period – Algebra I

  • I’m not sure what happened during lunch, but I developed a horrendous headeache right before 8th period started. Not exactly the way I wanted to face a roomful of freshmen!
  • This period seemed much more enthusiastic about doing foldables than 7th period was.
  • As in 7th period, we were able to finish the notes, but we couldn’t do the bingo game.
  • Overall, I’m glad we’re spending this time reviewing basic arithmetic–both 7th and 8th periods seemed a little clueless about GCF and LCM.

Other thoughts

  • I really liked the birthday card idea I swiped from MizT. It was a good warm-up yesterday and today while we are still getting the kinks out of our seating charts and rolls.
  • While I am really happy to be teaching Algebra 3, it was hitting me today that I do have one more prep now than I did last year. In addition, since A3 is my first class, I have to make sure I’m ready to go before I leave on B days. Last year, I didn’t have to worry about getting anything ready because I had the lab classes 1st and 2nd periods, and then I had my conference period. This will be a bit of an adjustment.
  • It’s pretty sad when it’s only the third day of school, and one of the copiers is already broken.