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#sbarbook Twitter Feed 8/13/10

August 14, 2010

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New Procedures

August 14, 2010

From reading this post on classroom management, it reminded me of some procedures we should add:

  • Desks: Clear your desk of all non-math-related items.
  • Calculator: If your assigned calculator is missing or damaged, please inform us immediately. If your calculator is low on batteries, please keep using it until it actually refuses to stay on.
  • Please stay seated until the bell rings.

Another good idea from Mrs. H: Keep all of the tests (and quizzes) in a ring binder along with the keys, and keep make-up tests in a pocket folder along with them. My only concern would be security — maybe keep it in the cabinet?

I like this rule from Karl Fisch: Do the right thing. (He then says, “While I think that at least 98% of the time you know what the right thing is, if you’re ever unsure, ask.”) His rule came out of the following analysis of his fellow teachers’ policies:

It’s not that I necessarily disagree with their policies, although I do with the points off for tardies and the late work policy, and I certainly don’t approve of academic dishonesty. I guess what I didn’t like was the overall tone of the course expectations. While about half of each course expectation was tone-neutral (essentially informative), the other half of each of them seemed very negative to me. They seemed to be listing all the ways kids could mess up in their class and what the penalty was for each type of infraction.

This troubled him because it set a negative tone, and it createdd a negative impression of him by the students and their parents. Definitely worth thinking about.


Commutative Property Fail

August 14, 2010

WordPress won’t let me embed the post here, but I think I’d like to use this as an illustration of the commutative property.