Make-up Work

June 29, 2010

This just occurred to me as I was updating my pages on the student blogs: The big benefit of the chapter tests was that I used the chapter test to handle make-up work on the quizzes, and I used the six-weeks test to handle make-up work on the chapter tests. Since the chapter tests are no more, we’re going to have to figure out what to do about make-up work.

Here’s my initial, “just get something down”, thoughts:
If a kid misses a quiz, my only reluctance to giving him the quiz the next time he comes to class is that he will miss class time. It’s going to be somewhat harder to give the quiz during the warm-up time because of everything else going on, so we may have to park him outside, which I hate doing, or park him at either an empty table (we can hope) or at the table next to my desk. I don’t think we can realistically require/ask them to make up the quizzes outside of class, although I might be able to do that for my A3 kids because they are seniors.

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