Algebra 3 Plan

June 18, 2010

We finished the curriculum documents for A3 yesterday, and I’m actually pretty happy with the work I did there. I’m also more and more impressed with the textbook we picked.

I have to keep reminding myself, however, about my main goals for this class. When I got home Wednesday, I went back and changed some stuff around on my original outline to bring it more in line with the district. After I’ve done some thinking however, I may pull some of that back out. For example, why am I putting in sections on rational expressions and equations when they definitely cover that in A2? I need to sit down with the A2 scope and sequence again.

Last night, I came up with a schedule that I liked:

  • Day1: Introduction of topic, lecture, begin homework or exit ticket.
  • Day 2: Presentations, quiz, group word problem solving
  • Friday: Problem-solving skills practice

Both textbooks have lots of word problems, so I’m thinking I can use the ones in the Lial book for homework and the Foerster book (I’m leaning more and more to a class set of these) for group work. From a time standpoint, we could take around 30 minutes for presentations, 15 minutes for the quiz, and that would still leave 40 minutes or so for the problems (or realistically 25-30 minutes). Since that’s not enough time to do any kind of presentation, I would probably have them write up something as a table to turn in. This plan also gives me practice in “being less helpful”.

Since I’m not a fan of heterogenous grouping, this might also be a way to use that for some differentiated instruction — give the more advanced students the harder problems and the less advanced ones the easier problems.

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