Grading Anonymously

June 10, 2010

I may do this even if I don’t get a FoxPro app written, but I think I want to change the quiz templates so that students only put their student IDs, the period, and the date. Since these quizzes are going to be graded a bit more subjectively than previously, it would be a good idea to remove any possibility of bias.

When I enter the grades in the FoxPro app, it will return the student’s name and table number. I then put the table number on the quiz, and that’s where I return it.

The key to all of this working is writing a FoxPro app that I can run up at school.

UPDATE: Okay, FoxPro is out (at least for the time being). On the one hand, I’m glad I haven’t forgotten everything I’ve learned about programming for 20 years, but I’m thinking I can do just about everything I want with Excel in about 1/10th the setup time.

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