June 8, 2010

Some ideas S and I had yesterday:

  • On quiz days, quizzes are face down on the tables so that as the students arrive, they begin the quiz. If they want to talk, etc., they stay outside in the hallway. This also means that one of us will be inside the room and one outside.
  • With SBG, we can’t take 10 points off for talking as we have usually done, so instead, if students talk, we will take up the whole quiz, and they will have to make it up outside of class.
  • To encourage them to check the agenda each day, if the “calculator” sign is up and they don’t pick up a calculator by the time the bell rings, they can’t use a calculator.
  • We’re going to move the electric pencil sharpener behind one of our desks, so they will have to use the manual ones in the supply buckets.
  • We’re going to make more of an effort to enforce and reinforce procedures so we’re not having to deal with them constantly the rest of the year.
  • I am going to make more of an effort to “be less helpful”, especially on things like the agenda and quizzes. They will never become more independent learners if they know that I will continue babying them.
  • Active monitoring!
  • Notebook checks during quizzes

S talked with J during the Math-in-CTE training and learned a couple of things:

  • All of our scores went up! Yay! S is going to check to see how to compare 8th grade scores with 9th grade.
  • J suggested that we “check with the warehouse” for our chairs. S is going to see if J will do that or if we have to. (And if so, how?)
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