May 23, 2010

I have to say, the material on both Think Thank Thunk and dy/dan on Standards Based Grading/Assessment had been something of a revelation. I am definitely going to use this for the Algebra 3 class next year, and I’m really tempted to try it with my Geometry class. I’m also going to talk it over with S to see if she thinks it might be valuable with our Algebra 1 class.

I think the reason I am so enthusiastic about this is that it appears to address two really huge needs I’ve seen this last year (much the same way Dan mentioned in his presentation at his school — a need for differentiated instruction and the frustration of assessment.

While I really liked what I was reading yesterday about “be(ing) less helpful”, if I have to pick one major change to make in my curriculum design, I think this might be the more productive shift. Maybe I can do both, we’ll see.

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