Never Work Harder Than Your Students Action Plan

November 15, 2009

According to Never Work Harder Than Your Students, any teacher can become a master teacher by applying 7 basic principles:

  1. Master teachers start where their students are.
  2. Master teachers know where their students are going.
  3. Master teachers expect to get their students to their goal.
  4. Master teachers support their students along the way.
  5. Master teachers use feedback to help them and their students get better.
  6. Master teachers focus on quality rather than quantity.
  7. Master teachers never work harder than their students.

When I took the pretest, I scored a total of 138 — just on the beginning edge of “Practitioner”, but most of my average scores on each principle were between 2 and 3. According to the book, I now need to set up an Action Plan to address those principles whose scores were closest to 3, which are principles 3, 5, and 6. Since I am supposed to start with one principle at a time, I will start with 3: Master teachers expect to get their students to their goal.

The action plan is divided into eight parts:

  1. Identify the Principle I will work to develop and conduct an analysis of how I have been applying the principle to my practice so far.
  2. Use the Getting Started steps to to help figure out what specific steps I will need to take in order to improve my practice of the principle.
  3. Detail what Specific Actions I will take in order to apply each Getting Started step to my own teaching.
  4. Decide what feedback (Evidence) I will collect to tell whether I am making progress.
  5. Identify any Resources I will need to implement the action steps.
  6. Identify a Due Date for when I will implement each step.
  7. Anticipate any Obstacles I may face along the way.
  8. Think about how I will Monitor my progress and when my Completion Date will be.
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