Geometry 7-1 Ratio & Proportion

November 15, 2009

Presentation: Powerpoint
Notes: Holey notes

Because S and I had neither the time nor the energy, we pulled the 7-1 lesson from last year. I still think it’s a good lesson, however. I had time (more on 4th than 5th, for once) to go over some examples of the more advanced homework they will see. I hope it works.

S and I were looking at 4th and 5th periods’ grades, and she is wondering if we should scrap the foldables and go back to powerpoints and holey notes, since the grades were so bad. After doing some thinking this weekend, I would like to continue trying the foldables (something I never thought I’d say) because they do seem to be more involved in the notetaking process. I just think we need to make more of an effort at using the foldable — doing some examples, classwork, etc. Since we’re focusing so much more on keeping to a schedule, maybe we could plan on leaving about :20 at the end of class just to work problems. My current theory is that we’re spending too much time in construction and not enough in application, so I’d like to test that.

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