Geometry 4-6 CPCTC

November 9, 2009

Presentation: Triangle foldable and powerpoint (cont.)

We finally finished up the triangle foldable with CPCTC. As always, one of the funniest parts about this lesson is watching them try to say “CPCTC” and get the letters in the right order. Since we’re not doing any proofs, I didn’t spend too much time on this — S and I decided to let them use the rest of the class to a) finish their extra credit or b) study for the chapter 4 test.

I haven’t seen the grades yet, but according to S the 4-8 quizzes were pretty lame. There has got to be some way to teach them how to recognize the difference between SAS, ASA, AAS, and HL (SSS they usually can get)! Every year, they get stuck on the same things — for some reason, I keep expecting something different.

Idea for next year: give them a sheet with lots of congruent triangle pairs and have them practice marking the different congruences. That is, tell them to mark the triangles to be congruent by SAS (for example) and see if that helps. Maybe do some clicker work and instead of showing a triangle pair and asking which theorem it is, see if they can pick out a pair of triangles that illustrate a particular theorem (e.g. “Which pair of triangles is congruent by SAS?”).

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