Geometry 4-3/4-4

November 3, 2009

The multistep problem on the 4-8 quiz got them again. More practice!!

4-3 (Congruent Triangles)
Presentation: Powerpoint with holey notes

Main ideas from this section: corresponding parts in a congruence statement.

4-4 (SSS and SAS)
Presentation: Triangle booklet foldable and powerpoint

I thought this worked pretty well — we used the foldable to take the notes from the powerpoint, but we need somewhere to put the reflexive property, since that’s the only property of congruence we will be using.

We have got to do a better job of time management! We ran out of time on 4th period (we forgot to tell them about the reflexive property), and barely got everything in on 5th.

Our new plan:

Minute Activity
:00 Check homework: I take odds, S takes evens
~:08 S goes over warm-up; I check roll
~:13 Go over homework
:20 Quiz
:30 Begin lesson

This gives us almost 1 hour for the lesson — that should certainly be enough!

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