First Week Review

August 28, 2009

All right, we think we’ve finally got a sequence that makes sense. Of course, we had to go all the way through 8th period to figure it out — but I’m hoping we will refer to this plan next year as we set things up.

The First Week for Algebra I and Geometry

  1. Problem-Solving Strategies
  2. Factoring tricks
  3. Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple
  4. Order of operations review
  5. Multiplying and dividing fractions
  6. Adding and subtracting fractions

I think this is a much more logical order in which to do things. Based on the way things worked in 8th period today, I think it made quite a bit of difference going through the factoring tips and the LCM before we did fractions. I’m also very annoyed with myself for never switching things around by doing multiplying fractions before adding them. Just because it’s sequential from a whole number standpoint doesn’t mean it works the same way for fractions.

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