Fraction Lesson Reflection

August 27, 2009

Almost nothing that I said I wanted to include in the fraction powerpoint got included. For the most part, I think that was a good thing. Overall, I still think I did too much talking, but I’m just not sure how to re-teach this so that it makes sense to the kids.

I do think it was a good decision that S and I made to switch around GCF and LCM with fractions for the Algebra kids. I think next year, we should at least do a little more practice with LCM with Geometry.

One more modification that we made that I think was at least a good idea in theory was to talk about multiplying and dividing fractions before we talked about adding and subtracting fractions. It makes a lot more sense, since multiplying is so much easier than adding.

I really wanted the students to get more practice doing examples, but we just ran out of time. It bothers me that most of our students are really clueless when it comes to fractions — I wish I knew where the holdup was.

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