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June 26, 2009

More stuff I want to jot down before I forget:

  • Office Depot has “pre-pronged” file folders!
  • I really like my regular agenda/calendar, but it does tend to enforce inflexibility in my schedule. Since we want to be especially flexible with the Algebra kids, how about a compromise? Instead of giving them the whole six-weeks schedule, give them the basic form, and then at the beginning of each week, giving them the agenda for that week (or each Monday for the next two weeks).
  • As much as I like to assign homework, I agree with S and Harry Wong — the first week or so of school, we will do the homework in class, so we can show the students what they are supposed to do (i.e. not pre-numbering their pages!).
  • There has got to be some way to make test corrections both rigorous and practical. I’m thinking I could take a half-sheet (lengthwise) with space for each student’s name and test version — I think I could set up a template of sorts with Excel — and things like how much each question is worth, put each each question on a separate line, with a blank to put an “X” if the question was missed. It just doesn’t sound like it would be that much work to set up. Then, when we hand out the test correction version, use this sheet as the answer sheet.
  • On a related note, each question on the test should have a reference to which lesson it was from (First Days, pp. 235-236), so that when students want to figure out what they did wrong, they have a reference point.
  • When we’re talking about theoretical probability, show the “Let’s Make a Deal” scene from Numb3rs.
  • I think we should make it a rule (although S is pretty good about requiring it anyway) that no purses or bags should be on their desks.
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