Food for Thought

June 1, 2009

From Harry Wong’s Teachers.Net column for March, 2009:

Brad Volkman does something unusual—almost unheard of—in his class. He GUARANTEES his students that if they work with him and follow his system of practice and self-assessment, they WILL NOT FAIL his course, no matter how bad they think they are at Math.

Brad’s Math 14 class consists almost entirely of students who either failed Math 9 or were in a Grade 9 resource room pull-out program where they did a modified Math of some kind. A quarter of the class is usually coded for severe or moderate special needs. These are students who are not university bound and aren’t even sure they want their high school diploma. The only reason they come to school is because their parents make them or because this is where their friends are. In
other words, Brad teaches the kind of students that many teachers dread or even fear.

And he GUARANTEES his students they will not fail!

There’s some good stuff here; I’m just not sure how much I can buy into it.

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