Eureka Moment

June 1, 2009

I just had a “Eureka!”/”Aha!”/”If it was a snake it would have bit me!” moment — Fred Jones (and Harry Wong, for that matter) has talked about making the test first, and then constructing the lessons around that. What I just thought of was to take the test (for Algebra I or Geometry, it doesn’t matter) and make the quizzes from that. And then following from that, make sure the homework matches the quizzes. If I can talk S into my idea of the “practice quizzes” instead of warm-ups, then make the practice quizzes match these as well.

Right now, there’s too much disconnect between what the problems on the test look like and the problems they have seen in their homework and on the quizzes. If I make them more consistent, if I make the quizzes with problems from the test, they will know exactly what to expect, even more than from the review.

I really want to set these kids up for success. I want to make them feel confident in their abilities to work these problems. If I can remove the fear of the unknown, maybe that will help. I think it’s certainly worth a try.

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