Next Year’s Schedule

May 17, 2009

As of now, my schedule for next year will be:

1st and 2nd Geometry Computer Lab
3rd Conf.
4th and 5th Geometry (Co-Teaching)
6th Conf.
7th and 8th Algebra I (Co-Teaching)

While I’m not particularly happy that I did not get AP Calculus (and I’m not that thrilled to be teaching freshmen), I’m realizing that I probably have more of an opportunity to make an impact with this schedule than I would have otherwise. By teaching the computer lab classes, I’m helping students have a better shot at actually graduating, rather than dropping out because they just couldn’t seem to pass Geometry. And because I won’t be split between prepping for Algebra I and Calculus, I can devote more time to trying to help 30-40 kids be successful at math for the first time in their lives, as compared to helping 40 generally self-motivated kids.

Although the school may regret giving the class to me, I’ve become pretty excited (and I think S is as well) about the idea of tossing out the current scope and sequence and doing whatever it takes to get these kids up to grade level. I think it’s pretty obvious that what we’ve been trying hasn’t worked, based on the skills of the students I see in Geometry. Getting these kids in Algebra I actually gives us a chance to try to fix that.

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