First Day of School

August 14, 2006

Today went pretty well — although I ran out of time during 3rd period. I generally was able to explain their lunch schedules, the new AP assignments, and go through the PowerPoint presentation. For 7th period, since it was 90 minutes as opposed to the other 30 minute classes, I prepared a little Algebra review worksheet, and used the Ice-Breaker game I mentioned earlier.

I really liked the way the Ice-Breaker game worked out. I copied the questions onto 5 colors of paper (2-up) and cut them in half. I numbered each color’s sheets from 1 to 6. I passed them out to the kids and told them to group by color. Once they all finished answering questions for their color, I split them up by number. I think it did a good job of introducing them to more of the class. We’ll see.

I’m afraid I wasn’t “stern” enough, but we’ll see how things work out.

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