Ideas for Next Year (in no particular order)

June 10, 2006

Do something with constructions as an extra-credit project in Geometry.

Allow make-up quizzes with the possibility of a lower grade than the original.

Print out assignment log with dates and assignments listed so that students can figure their averages themselves. Set up assignments in IGPro at the beginning and print progress reports.

Take points off if pen is used on a quiz or test.

Late work – Take 5 points off for each day it is late.

New class rules:

  1. Treat others and other people’s property with respect.
  2. Do what you are instructed to do when you are instructed to do it.

Move kleenex, hand sanitizer, and spare pencils with stapler.

No electric pencil sharpener.

Cut magnetic letters out for bulletin/assignment board.

Student information scavenger hunt on first day of school.

Put returned papers in hanging file folders for students to pick up.
Color-coded hanging file folders with letter separators?

Have a specific tray for papers to be graded.

Organize trays better.

“Overlearning for automaticity”; 5 in a row correct

Do more in-class grading.

Use a literature sorter to store blank paper.

Homework pockets on the wall like the make-up work folders

Calculator caddy and assigned calculators!

Store whiteboards in a file caddy with supplies nearby but not quite as accessible.

Book review info in a file pocket

Instead of working every homework problem, have students write the problems they need help with the most, and do the top five. Then show correct answers.

Provide solution keys either in print or online as much as possible.

Make more use of my AISD homepage

Use PowerPoint for notes. Buy remote mouse to run PowerPoint (and cable for monitor if I rearrange my room).

Use PowerPoint for warm-ups?

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