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“Don’t Bend the Wire”

May 18, 2005

From SpunkyHomeSchool:

He said, “Don’t bend the wire.” I was confused. What exactly does that mean?

He kept going. “Did you ever notice that a wire once it has been bent can’t go exactly straight again. I’ve tried it. It can go pretty straight but you can never get the kink out completely.” Now, I was really confused and wondering if my son really understood what I was getting at.

I asked him, “What does any of this have to do with you and teenagers?”

“Mom,” he said, “You and dad are the wire and I am trying to get you to bend a little but don’t do it. Don’t give in to my selfish demands. I may recover but it will never be quite the same. Most parents don’t understand that we want you to say no. The minute you give in it’s all over. I want to believe what you believe but if you don’t believe in it why should I?”

I got it.